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From Pulitzer to Pritzker

To Prof. David Hackett Fischer (HIST), “history is not only about the past: it’s about memories of the past, it’s about experiences of the present, and it’s about anticipation of the future,” Fischer said in an interview with the Justice.

Digging up Concord

If you happen to drive down Barretts Mill Road in Concord on a Friday afternoon you’re likely to see Brandeis students hovering over holes in the ground or shaking dirt through a strainer.

Nyah at the helm

Nyah Macklin ’16, former class of 2016 senator an African and African-American Studies major was officially sworn in as Student Body President in April.

A return to the Renaissance

She tries to explain the importance of being in the presence of original works of art, as opposed to their digital reproductions, by recounting a recent experience she had with a famed sculpture.  “When you’re studying on a screen, you can’t imagine how big it is, the dimension of it,” says Myung Joo Khang ’16, an Art History major.

Fred reflects part 1

justFeatures: Let’s start at the beginning. What inspired you to accept the presidency back in 2010 after Jehuda Reinharz had first stepped down? Frederick Lawrence: I think a couple of things.

Ready for the Big Leagues

While some Brandeis students will be spending their summer months working  jobs and internships or enjoying sunny vacations, Betsy Hochman ’17 will be training to compete against triathletes from around the world.  A relative newcomer to triathlons, Hochman has quickly risen in the national ranks in her age group.

'Brave Miss World'

“I won this stupid crown for something,” Linor Abargil says playfully, captivating the audience with great composure in the Wasserman Cinematheque.  This stupid crown—the Miss World crown—has helped empower Linor Abargil to tell her story.

Mastering mindfulness

Many people believe that meditation is used to improve one’s self. Noel Coakley, a counselor at the Psychological Counseling Center, believes that reducing meditation to a self-improvement tool misses the essence of why meditation is important.

Raising the bar

How often have you found yourself torn between choosing an apple or a bowl of ice cream? The struggle between choosing to eat healthy and indulging in your favorite treats is a difficult one, but Michael Shoretz ’09 doesn’t believe that you have to compromise.

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