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Sitting down with Brian Quigley

Brian Quigley came to Brandeis as the new Waltham Group coordinator with experience as the head of the student activites program at Babson College.

Fulfilling the promise

Prof. Dan Perlman’s (BIOL) new office has two desks and a beach ball-sized inflatable globe. Sunlight pours in from the huge windows that line the wall.

A day in Usdan

Sodexo has been quite the hot-button topic on campus as of late. Speculation as to how the company treats its workers as well as the changes to campus meal plan policies has sparked a passionate discourse regarding the company’s standing.

A unified spectrum

Around this time last year, students from different LGBTQ+ groups across campus came together with a clear goal in mind: to create a Gender and Sexuality Center with a full-time program coordinator.

Ease your mind

Brandeis students are more likely to be stressed, depressed or anxious than students from similarly sized universities across the nation, according to the National College Health assessment conducted last year.

10 questions for Rani Neutill

Prof. Rani Neutill (ENG) was recently appointed the interim sexual assault services and prevention specialist, to take over the responsibilities of Shelia McMahon while McMahon is on leave.

Bringing lax back

In 2012, when Eric Haavind-Berman ’15 and James Hayward ’16 arrived on campus, Haavind-Berman as a transfer and Hayward as a first- year, they were disappointed to find that their favorite sport, lacrosse, did not have a club team.

Books, not rockets

It was July 2014 in the North End of Boston when Ohad Elhelo ’16 received devastating news from his home country of Israel.

History of motion

Newly appointed Profs Jasmine Johnson and Greg Childs research the history of black movement through dance and the African diaspora

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