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     Thinking of Brandeis University, “community engagement” is probably one of the first phrases that comes to mind.

A Discourse on 'Denial'

“I always tell my students to think about the etymology of the word prejudice. Pre - judge. [Essentially this says,] ‘I’ve made up my mind; don’t confuse me with the facts,’” Deborah Lipstadt ’72 Ph.D.

'Evidence and Agency'

 “Human beings have dignity; they don’t have a price. That’s why human beings can’t be bought or sold,” said Prof.

Shaping the Newsroom

A newsroom, an office with a group of reporters, is a spot that records the shifts of a society. One of the most recent shifts society has seen came with the rise of digital technology, which has come to permeate the daily lives of most people.

Bringing history to life for decades

    “American Jewish history for me was not a job, it was a career. It defined me,” said Professor Jonathan Sarna (NEJS) who, after decades of writing, publishing and teaching, has been named a University Professor.    Joining a “very select group” of faculty, including Prof.

Creative Minds

            Like so many others, Prof. Teresa M. Amabile, a Baker Foundation Professor and Director of Research at Harvard Business School, once had the dream of being an artist and innovator.        Last Thursday, members of the Brandeis community gathered in the Shapiro Campus Center to hear the “Psychology Department Colloquium: Labor of Love: A Brief History of a Creativity Research Program,” hosted by Prof.

Working toward peace

     Remy Pontes ’17 spent his summer working toward one goal: peace. Starting at the end of the spring, Pontes worked as a legislative intern for Massachusetts Peace Action (MPA). MPA is an affiliate of Peace Action, the nation’s largest grassroots funding campaign.

Cultural Connections

Many associate Cuba with communism, the Castro family and the Cold War. These Cuban stereotypes remind many Americans of another political system and cultural circumstances.

Building Peace

On Sunday afternoon, Dan Rugomba ’16 — brimming with confidence and a touch of nerves — walked across the stage of the International and Global Studies commencement ceremony to receive his college diploma.

Looking at Lisa

Following Former University President Frederick Lawrence’s departure, Interim President Lisa Lynch did a great deal more than keep a seat warm for President-elect Ronald Liebowitz.

Growing Community

Despite the dark clouds and steady drizzle of rain, the children of the Lemberg Children’s Center played outside happily.  Meanwhile, working in the garden on the other side of the fence, Judy Fallows, the coordinator of environmental education for Lemberg, Elizabeth Milano ’16, one of the co-leaders of Symbiosis, and a group of volunteers didn’t allow the rain to deter them either. On Tuesday, starting at 3 p.m., Symbiosis and the Waltham Group Habitat for Humanity paired up to work on the Lemberg Community Gardens.

Growing Narrative

Each student in her class was asked to produce a sculpture made from a book. In a spurt of inspiration, Brontë Velez ’16 decided to cut a hole through her book’s pages and fill it with soil and a dead bouquet of flowers.  She reached out to Harry Pickering, an artist-friend from Vassar College whom she met while studying in Prague that day.

The art from war

Last Wednesday, many gathered in the Wasserman Cinematheque, where the History department and the Film, Television and Interactive Media program co-hosted the North-American film premiere of “Verdun, They Won’t Pass.” The film is a historical documentary created by Serge de Sampigny, a French filmmaker who has written and produced three historical documentaries previously.

You can have your cake and read it, too

Last Friday, Goldfarb Library hosted its third annual Edible Book Festival, in which students and faculty from the Brandeis community were invited to combine cooking ingredients with words in order to create their own edible bestsellers.  The International Edible Book Festival, the inspiration for the Brandeis festival, started in 2000.

Please Stand Up

Josh Gondelman ’07 is many things: a stand-up comic, a writer for “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver, the co-author of the widely popular @SeinfeldToday Twitter account, a former preschool teacher and a Brandeis alumnus.  His newest comedy album, “Physical Whisper,” debuted at number 4 on the comedy Billboard charts and, on Mar.

Awareness through art

A voice from the back of the theater emerged and Nyah Macklin ’16 walked down an aisle singing  “Take Me to the Water,” by Nina Simone.

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