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Weaving together

Fast fashion is a phenomenon that has recently gained a great deal of media coverage for its negative effects, but for Amanda Zehner M.A.’11, it’s something she’s been aware of for much longer.

Finding his voice

In the midst of incoming freshman, Guy Raz ’96 took his first step onto the Brandeis campus. But instead of locating his dorm, Raz headed straight to the Usdan student center, into a grungy, subterranean office where he began his undergraduate journalism career by writing an op-ed column for the Justice. Since graduating from Brandeis, Raz, has worked as a host for NPR’s “All Things Considered,” as a CNN foreign correspondent and  as a professor of journalism.

Where Creativity Counts

The creative, thoughtful and innovative minds of Brandeis University were on display on Saturday, April 22 at the University’s first ever TEDx event, during which five speakers delivered talks about topics ranging from research and education to psychology and life experience.

Veg Out

“It just seemed like there were three clubs for every social issue on campus, but no one was talking about animals.

Stay Inquizitive

“No. We’re boring,” insisted team President Kent Dinlenc ’19 with a straight face when asked in an interview with the Justice to share the funniest experience he could recall from the Brandeis Quiz Bowl Team in an interview with the Justice. Quiz Bowl is a competitive trivia game between two teams.

Fit to Print

“When I came to Brandeis, I thought 3D printing was science fiction,” said Gabriel Seltzer ’18 in an interview with the Justice.

Miracle Maker

If it was unclear before, Rev. Jeffrey Brown has established that miracles really do occur. Brown spoke at Brandeis University after receiving the annual “Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life” award on Wednesday, March 22.

Looking for a laugh

Midterm season is officially here. There are tests to be taken and papers to be written. There’s less pep in our steps, and the library is a bit more crowded than usual.

A Helping Hand

“I have never learned Spanish in my entire life, and Peru is a Spanish-speaking country,” Candice Jiang ’19 said in an interview with the Justice. Spanish is one of the many things that Jiang, a biology and anthropology major from China, learned while on the service trip to Peru that she embarked on over the most recent break.

What's so bad about LSD?

“Those who consume their medicines rarely understand the risks that were taken to create them. In a society that has made their work a crime, the psychedelic chemist is an outlaw.” The smooth, focused narrating voice of Hamilton Morris carried through the crowded auditorium at the International Business School.

Campus Power Couples

As Brandeis University students well know, Louis D. Brandeis’ career achievements were groundbreaking and revolutionary — but many may be unaware of the achievements of Alice Goldmark Brandeis, Louis Brandeis’ wife.

Pioneering Programmers

    It all started with a photograph. Kathy Kleiman noticed an image of women surrounding the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, one of the first ever electronic computers.

Investing for a Cause

Three alumnae discussed how you can fight for women’s rights and against climate change through investing.  “Take a day or a week and just look at what you buy.

Forging Paths

For many students, college is a time to explore new subjects while rediscovering old passions. It’s a time to find yourself.

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