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Autism in America

In the Seventh Annual Lurie Institute Distinguished Lecture in Disability, Dr. David Mandell spoke about the improvements in autism treatment and the challenges that lie ahead. 

Mining for a Fair Deal

The German documentary "La Buena Vida- The Good Life" shows the struggle of a small tribe in Northeast Colombia as they fight to keep their homes from being taken by a neighboring coal mine.

When in Rome

Prof. Ramie Targoff (ENG) won a Guggenheim Fellowship and studied in Rome. During here time abroad, she researched the life of Vittora  Colonna and translated her sonnets into English.


The film "Wasted! The Story of Food Waste," issues a warning about the crisis of food waste and offers solutions for how to solve the problem. 

An Ode to Self-Care

Daniela Marquez '18 talks about coming to Brandeis from the Dominican Republic. In a candid conversation with the Justice, she reflects on the personal struggles she has overcome, the opportunities Brandeis has provided her and her search for identity.  

“Never Again”

A screening of the documentary "Never Again: Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity" prompts discussion about how to hold world leaders accountable. 

A Way With Words

Jack Peters ’20 is a typical sports-loving student with an exceptional accomplishment; he is the 2017 champion of the division three North American Scrabble Championships. Though most people consider Scrabble to be a casual if slightly dated board game, for Peters it has been a passion that has taken over his life.

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