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Social determinants of health: Race and gender

There are many social factors that dictate and guide health, some of the most prominent being race and gender. Examples include unethical medical testing on Black women in relation to reproductive health, the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, race-based correctional factors in vaginal birth after cesarean tests, the prescription of BiDil and socioeconomic factors influenced by 

Women’s history at Brandeis: The Student outcry against Brandeis naming Bob Guccione “Publisher of the Year” in 1975

Alumna Leslie Martin ’76 drove student protests against Brandeis honoring publisher of Penthouse Magazine Bob Guccione as the 1975 “Publisher of the Year.” In a March 3 interview with The Justice, Martin shared her recollections of student pushback following the award, the political climate on campus and her experiences as a long time activist.

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