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MELA highlights beauty of South Asian culture

 On Saturday night, the South Asian Students Association (SASA) hosted MELA, its annual culture and charity show, in Levin Ballroom. The curtains opened to reveal a beautiful, sparkling backdrop which revealed the theme of the night: “Masakali: Dare to Fly.” Masakali is a Hindi word that means to soar and fly without limitations. This overarching theme successfully encompassed the show; the performers dared to fly and they soared. 

Turkapalooza is stuffed with tasty tunes

 Rather Be Giraffes hosted “Turkapalooza,” a Thanksgiving-themed a cappella show, last Thursday night. This was the third in a series of “Acapalooza” events at Brandeis, beginning with Acapalooza this past spring and continuing with Spookapalooza in October. Mandel G03, where Turkapalooza was held, was not only decked out in festive Thanksgiving decoration, but also completely packed with excited attendees eager to support their friends and classmates. RBG performed last, preceded by Starving Artists, Voices of Soul, Up the Octave and Company B. 

‘Once Upon a Mattress’ fails to a-Peas

 The biggest stumbling block in this production was that it failed to elevate its source material in any way. Now, not all shows must elevate their source material. However, in the case of “Once Upon a Mattress,” a show with an incredibly juvenile premise, one might have hoped that a university production team would have attempted to inject some relevance into the show for its target audience to respond to.  

Karaoke night is relaxing and enjoyable

  Last Friday evening, the Southeast Asian Club staged a karaoke night in the Intercultural Center. As I made my way into the building, I immediately heard laughter and loud singing radiating throughout the building. 

The disturbing "Sacred Deer" kills it

 “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” is not unlike heart surgery. It’s slow. It’s careful. It’s layered. Yorgos Lanthimos’ new film takes a deep look into the peaceful home life of a heart surgeon (Colin Farrell) and his ophthalmologist wife (Nicole Kidman) together with their older daughter and younger son. 

Getting chummy at Blacklist coffee house

 The editors of Blacklist Magazine hosted a coffee house at Cholmondeley's on Saturday to celebrate the publication of their first issue of the semester. Blacklist, formerly Where the Children Play, is the University's longest-running literary and arts magazine. 

Night for Africa highlights vibrant community

On Saturday evening, the Brandeis African Students Organization hosted the 7th Annual Night for Africa in Levin Ballroom. The show was a part the University’s I Am Global Week and students invited friends, family and faculty alike to come share in culture from Africa and the African diaspora.  

McDonagh thrills with ‘Three Billboards’

 There should be no question that “Three Billboards” will be a major awards contender. The movie has already received praise in the form of the Venice  International Film Festival’s “Best Screenplay” award and multiple audience-choice picks at multiple festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Gyllenhaal’s Oscar prospects grow ‘Stronger’

 David Gordon-Green’s “Stronger,” encompasses the recovery of Boston bombing survivor Jeff Bauman, who became a reluctant hero in the aftermath of the tragedy. It is neither masterful nor mediocre, and is most certainly not formulaic. It is, simply, a true story told well and told differently than its biopic brethren. 


 The end of October always brings spooky fun, but few events are as franken-tastic as this past week’s a cappella Spook-A-Palooza. The event was hosted by Starving Artists and was both musically impressive and comically lighthearted.

Something’s rotten in ‘Hamlet’s’ direction

 This Sunday I went to Merrick Theater in Spingold to catch “Hamlet,” directed by Abi Pont ’19. The titular role was played by Bryan McNamara ’19, who held his own with his stellar performance and proved himself as the moody, emotional Hamlet.  

X Ambassadors excites and surprises

 The Gosman Sports and Convocation Center was packed to the brim this past weekend, with the up-and-coming X Ambassadors performing live in front of a rowdy crowd of Brandeisian students. X Ambassadors, led by vocalist Sam Harris, is best known for their top-10 Billboard songs from their 2015 album, “VHS,” which has sold over 500,000 copies to date.  

MFA gives context to masterful Murakami

 Japanese artist Takashi Murakami is well known for his groundbreaking, colorful and graphic body of work. However, a  new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, “Takashi Murakami: Lineage of Eccentrics,” aims to highlight the connections between Murakami’s own unique body of work and the impressive, expansive collection of Japanese art at the MFA — giving context to Murakami’s famed works. 

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