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JustArts Spotlight on The Rose

  Howardena Pindell’s “Nelson Mandela Parade” is a striking piece which conveys Pindell’s memory loss, the  result of a car accident, extremely vividly.  

Audience loves ‘Formosa’

  Last Saturday, the Brandeis Undergraduate Taiwanese Student Association hosted “Love, Formosa,” a culture show that centered around the Taiwanese traditions of love and how they fit into the modern world.  

Performers Ignite the Night

 The walls were decorated with lanterns and shrines as well as maps of the streets of Hanoi on the floor of the Hall, writing the street names on long strings of multi-colored tape.  

‘One Foot Planted’ pushes boundaries

  The work, which consists of a series of videos, envisions a post-apocalyptic version of the Holy Land, in which its female inhabitants are forced to traverse the terrain on various obstacles that keep their bodies from making contact with the earth. 

APAHM: Dare to Dream

 Earlier this month, the Brandeis Asian American Students Association opened Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with their “Dare to Dream” event.  

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