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VoiceMale gets in the V-Day groove

(02/13/18 11:00am)

As Valentine’s Day comes around every February, we all look for songs to get us into a romantic mood. Often the songs are classical tunes — wordless, sometimes corny melodies replete with string sections. Very rarely, though, are Valentine’s Day songs lacking instruments. Brandeis’ all-male a cappella group VoiceMale sought to change that with its annual variety show “Lovapalooza,” which took place this past Saturday. “Lovapalooza,” however, delivered performances as diverse as the selection of discount candy after the holiday.

Keaton reminds us to revisit the silent film era

(02/06/18 11:00am)

Theaters these days are full of fast-paced movies with modern filmmaking techniques and complex story structures, but sometimes one needs to step on the brakes and go back almost a century to the films that introduced these practices we now take for granted. One must return to the golden age of cinema, to the Hollywood of the late 1920s to early 1960s. So, amid the oncoming onslaught of summer blockbusters which seems to come to theaters earlier and earlier every year (I’m looking at you “Black Panther,” “Tomb Raider” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising”), it seemed just to attend an on-campus screening of a Buster Keaton film.

Coffeehouse spotlights Jews of color

(02/06/18 11:00am)

In diverse environments such as  college campuses, with students from all over the world,  fostering intersectionality is necessary. Brandeis Hillel aimed to do this by opening an artistic platform for those who identify as Jews of color, Sephardi or Mizrahi to talk about their experiences at Hillel’s Race Talks: Jews of Color Coffeehouse in Cholmondeley’s Thursday evening. 

Comedians challenge ’Deis PC culture

(02/06/18 11:00am)

REVIEW —  This past Thursday evening, WBRS hosted its second comedy night this semester. Hosted by Josh Day, the event garnered a small, but lively audience.  Dim lighting, as per request of Day — who spent time fussing over the Goldilocks “just right” setting for lighting — set the tone of the evening. A larger-than-life poster of a somber-looking pup against the wall behind the stage added to this facetiously melancholy set. To start off the evening, Day joked that this was his dog, who he recently put down, and that a reminder of one’s dead childhood dog is a necessary component for laughter at a comedy show. The morbid, edging on macabre, theme of the first joke would continue throughout the night.