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Crowd Control tackles its ‘Halloween Hangover’

(11/06/18 11:00am)

Crowd Control came out to Cholmondeley’s coffee house last Thursday to celebrate the end of Halloween. The title of their show was “Halloween Hangover,” and they made a point of blinking at the bright lights of the stage and moaning about how tired they were. One performer was even dressed in a Winnie-the-Pooh costume. Although this event was not well publicized, there was a decent turnout and a warm reception.

Hats off to ‘Noises Off!’

(11/06/18 11:00am)

Something special made its way onto the stage of the Shapiro Campus Center Theater over the weekend: The Undergraduate Theater Collective’s production of Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off.” Directed by Elana Kellner ’19, the play within a play earns its distinction by virtue of its deliberate chaos. And while chaos is seldom a play’s best friend, Kellner embraces it, and appropriates it to the production’s advantage. Kellner is a certifiable genius; she had the foresight to integrate the foibles of a rushed production process — common for the tight-budgeted UTC — into her show. “Noises Off,” a behind-the-scenes look at a troubled production called “Nothing’s On,” exposes the makings of a trainwreck. With that in mind, Kellner knew that she could take risks because if something went wrong during a performance, the audience would not necessarily know it. The gamble paid off royally — “Noises Off” is the most technically complex UTC show in recent memory.   

Coffeehouse spreads kindness

(11/06/18 11:00am)

For those battling with midterm exams and papers, nothing can be more comforting than a night full of performances from student groups and snacks to celebrate the kindness in our community. Hosted by the Brandeis Kindness Day initiative in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium last Friday night, the coffeehouse featured performances by Up the Octave, Too Cheap For Instruments, Proscenium, musical duo Jake Sibley ’19 and Tom Murdy ’21, and False Advertising.

Mediocre times at the El Royale

(10/30/18 10:00am)

“Bad Times at the El Royale” is a recently released film with a stellar cast, an acclaimed writer and an intriguing 1970s aesthetic. The movie takes place at the titular hotel and features eight strangers: a young concierge, a priest, a blues singer, a sleazy vacuum salesman, a rebellious young woman, her sister and a cult leader. The group finds themselves trapped when a storm surges overhead, and their secrets are revealed in a hotel chock-full of its own secrets.