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Eliminate net neutrality to ensure success

Mark Gimelstein
(03/10/15 3:02am)

The Federal Communications Commissions’ 3-2 vote approving “net neutrality”—in other words, a government takeover of the Internet—embodies everything that’s wrong with Washington, D.C. The 332-page plan, which was passed in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s favorite way— before anyone had a chance to read it—paves the way for an Internet that is treated as a public utility.

Reader Commentary

(03/10/15 3:10am)

Promote civility in free speechIn response to your editorial, “Deny claims of free speech suppression” (March 3): President Lawrence has never responded in any forum public or private to the English Department’s letter about free speech on campus, so as a member of that department I am grateful to the Justice for bringing that letter up in your recent editorial.

Reevaluate Netanyahu’s Congressional intentions

Aaron Dvorkin
(03/10/15 3:12am)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress last week and argued that the deal that the P5+1—United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France plus Germany—are pursuing with the Iranian government to prevent the acquisition of nuclear weapons is too weak. The speech was shrouded in controversy before it even began, with supporters of President Obama arguing that the invitation to speak before Congress, without so much as consulting the President  beforehand, is inappropriate and could threaten the strong relationship that the two countries have enjoyed for decades.