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Department of Justice audits program

Tate Herbert
(04/29/14 12:00am)

An audit of Brandeis' use of federal funding for its Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Center of Excellence claimed that $608,646 of four separate cooperative agreements-awards similar to grants-totaling $3,826,950 and awarded from 2008 to 2011, were "unallowable" or "unsupported" expenses, according to spending guidelines established by the Office of Justice Programs. The most recent award was due to end on March 31 of this year. While the audit, conducted by the Office of Justice Programs and the Office of the Inspector General, concluded that while the PDMP Center of Excellence met its goals, it recommended that Brandeis "remedy" the entirety of the questioned costs.

University closes deal with Xerox

(04/29/14 12:00am)

On Thursday, Director of Strategic Procurement John Storti sent an email to the student body announcing that the University is partnering with Xerox Corporation beginning June 1 to improve Mail Services, the Copy Center and printing services on campus. The changes to the mailroom, he wrote, would include email or text message notifications instead of the paper slips that are currently used to inform students that they have packages, mail automation "which will result in earlier and more accurate and on-time mail delivery service" and a postal kiosk where students will be able to purchase postage 24 hours a day. In his email, he also informed students that the Copy Center will be improved with new production equipment.

Student Events plans restructure

Rachel Hughes
(04/29/14 12:00am)

In the interest of involving more of the student body in its operations, Student Events has begun to restructure its club to increase membership size and streamline club function, with changes to go into effect next semester. In the fall of this year, Student Events members began talks about changing the way the group is structured, but it was not until this semester that they started to actually envision a restructuring of the club's leadership, Student Events Executive Director Samantha Gordon '14 wrote in an email to the Justice. At the National Association for Campus Activities Convention, which was held in Boston in February and was attended by members of college programming groups similar to Student Events, the group was exposed to many new ideas about ways to restructure its current system and optimize the process.