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Justice Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 02:03


Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times/MCT Campus

HAPPIER TIMES: Seacrest and Hough pose for the cameras at the Golden Globes in January.

Fellow pop culture-ites, I don’t mean to be critical … but the world of celebrity failed to interest me this week. With no unexpected outbursts, no high-profile scandals and no crazy hook-ups, we were only left with the scraps of easily-anticipated Hollywood gossip (even the beloved Justin Timberlake’s stint on Saturday Night Live, as anticipated as it was, recycled old fan favorites that follow the same formula every time). Don’t believe me? Listen up.

Our week begins with some not-so-surprising news from mom-to-be Kim Kardashian. The fashionista who keeps herself busy 24/7 admitted this past weekend that being pregnant is proving to be a hindrance on her lifestyle. “Being pregnant is not as easy as my sister [Kourtney] or as my mom has made it look,” she told E! News. “It’s a little painful. I’ve gotten sick a couple times. It’s getting a little bit more difficult [to get around].” Oh. Well, generally when you’re five months pregnant, things do tend to get “a little bit more difficult,” Kim. Sheesh.

In related pregnancy news, the media has been all up over Jessica Simpson and her baby bump. Us Weekly wrote it most explicitly—“Simpson reveals her huge baby bump”—but other magazines and websites are following suit, all implying that Jessica is some sort of alien creature for gaining weight during a pregnancy. While some sources, like People Magazine, are applauding Simpson for shedding the 50 pounds she gained while pregnant with 10-month-old daughter Maxwell, they seem to be criticizing her for gaining the weight back again so quickly. Maybe the shutterbugs need to lay off Jessica for a few months until she’s given birth (to what’s rumored to be a son named Ace) and then they can really appreciate her dramatic weight transformation.

Shifting from babies to breakups, news of the Ryan Seacrest-Julianne Hough split isn’t something I explicitly expected … but come on, is anyone really surprised? Julianne is a bubbly 24-year-old singer-dancer who rose to fame by waltzing, stepping and twirling on Dancing with the Stars. Ryan, on the other hand, is 14 years her senior and is, for lack of any other more fitting description, a business mogul. While their age differences and backgrounds are vastly different, the duo actually made their relationship work for a while: the pair dated for over two years. But sources claim that busy schedules got the best of the couple, ultimately forcing them to choose between love and lifestyle. Regardless of the reason, I’m convinced this split has been a long time coming—aren’t you?

The most unexpected news of the week comes from—you’ll never guess—Hilary Duff. She’s the girl you knew as the star of the Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire and who is now a mom to 11-month-old son Luca and married to former ice hockey player Mike Comrie. It’s that knowledge that makes this news so “shocking.”

The innocent Disney star got tattooed! Before you get all upset, they were small: one is a tiny heart on her wrist, the other a matching “two cents” coin with a friend. Who ever thought Lizzie McGuire would get inked?!

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