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Published: Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 16:01

Join the Justice!

The Justice is always looking for new staff members, and there are many ways to get involved. Writers are needed for News, Features, Forum, Sports and Arts. Specialty writers are also wanted, in any areas from science to food. Photographers, copy editors, illustrators and comics, page designers and advertisers are always needed. Think there's another way you can help out? Tell us. Contact the appropriate editor, or if you're unsure, just e-mail the editor in chief at

Comments Policy

The Justice reserves the right to edit or delete any comments made on the website that do not respond directly to the article's content or that personally attack individuals. The Justice will also delete spam posts. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the editor in chief at

The Justice also reserves the right to publish comments posted on the website in the newspaper's Reader Commentary section. These comments may be edited for space, style, grammar, spelling, libel and clarity. The Justice attempts to notify those whose comments wil be published as Reader Commentary.

More Info

To contact the Justice, please visit our Contact page.

Virtual print editions of the Justice are available on the Archives page, and they can also be found on Issuu. Past articles can also be found on the Archives page, and you can also search for them using the Search box above.

The Justice is the independent student newspaper of Brandeis University. Operated, written, produced and published entirely by students, the Justice includes news, features, arts, opinion and sports articles of interest to approximately 3,100 undergraduates, 800 graduate students, 500 faculty and 1,000 administrative staff.

In addition, the Justice is mailed weekly to paid subscribers. The Justice is published every Tuesday of the academic year with the exception of examination and vacation periods.


Editor in Chief: Tate Herbert

Senior Editor: Andrew Wingens

Managing Editor: Adam Rabinowitz

Deputy Editor: Phil Gallagher

Associate Editors: Rachel Burkhoff, Glen Chesir, Sara Dejene, Shafaq HasanJoshua Linton, Jessie Miller, and Olivia Pobiel

News Editor: Marissa Ditkowsky

Features Editor: Jaime Kaiser

Acting Forum Editor: Max Moran

Sports Editor: Avi Gold

Arts Editors: Rachel Hughes and Emily Wishingrad

Photography Editors: Josh Horowitz and Morgan Brill

Layout Editor: Rebecca Lantner

Online Editor: Celine Hacobian

Copy Editor: Brittany Joyce

Advertising Editor: Schuyler Brass

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